Chiropractic Solutions for Sports Injuries

Participating in sports often leads to various injuries, where chiropractic care plays a pivotal role in treatment and prevention. Dr. Matt Herres, with his deep understanding of body mechanics and the demands of sports, offers tailored treatments for faster recovery and injury prevention.

Sports Injuries quiropractor

Sports Injuries Managed at Our Chiropractic Office

At our chiropractic office, we expertly manage a variety of sports injuries, from acute sprains to chronic joint pain, ensuring athletes can return to peak performance with our targeted treatment plans.

Treating Back and Neck Injuries

These injuries, common in athletes, see substantial improvement with chiropractic care, enhancing spinal alignment and mobility.

Support in Concussion Recovery

Dr. Herres provides essential support for concussion recovery, focusing on related neck injuries and headaches.

Knee Injury Care

Knee injuries, prevalent in sports, are effectively managed through chiropractic techniques to reduce pain and enhance joint functionality.

Shoulder Injury Treatment

Our office specializes in treating shoulder injuries, often seen in sports requiring throwing or overhead action.

Relief for Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow

These overuse injuries benefit from our chiropractic care, aiding in pain management and joint recovery.

Ankle Sprain Treatments

We assist in rapid recovery from ankle sprains, ensuring proper joint alignment and function.

Wrist and Hand Injury Care

Our treatments for wrist and hand injuries focus on improving strength and flexibility for athletes.

Sciatica Management

We use chiropractic adjustments and exercises to effectively manage sciatica, commonly experienced by athletes.

Hip Injury Treatments

We address hip injuries to enhance an athlete’s mobility and performance.

Rib and Thoracic Spine Alignment

Our office effectively treats these injuries, improving overall spinal health and alignment.

Selecting a Qualified Sports Chiropractor

With Dr. Matt Herres extensive experience in sports injuries, patients are ensured effective and personalized care.

Athlete-Specific Chiropractic Treatment Process

Athletes receive a comprehensive treatment plan, including adjustments, rehabilitation exercises, and injury prevention advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular chiropractic visits can prevent injuries and enhance performance, with frequency varying per individual’s needs.

Improving Athletic Performance

Yes, chiropractic care can significantly improve athletic performance, enhancing joint mobility and overall physical health.

Chiropractic for Various Athletes

Our office provides suitable treatments for athletes across different sports, offering customized care for each sport’s specific needs.

Treating a Range of Sports Injuries

We treat a variety of sports injuries, from joint misalignments to muscle imbalances.

Integrating Chiropractic with Sports Medicine

Our chiropractic care works alongside other sports medicine treatments, offering a holistic approach to recovery and injury prevention.

Begin Your Recovery with Chiropractic Care

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Insurance and Payment Options

We provide straightforward insurance and payment information. Our office accepts various insurance plans, including Blue Cross, Medicare, Aetna, Cigna, and TriWest. For any insurance queries or to verify coverage, please contact us. We also offer convenient payment options for our cash-paying patients.